“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

We are The Wander Trees, bonded by many shared callings and passions: hiking, road trips, starry skies, fire pits and colorful explorations. Above all we are united by a belief that we were all designed with unique gifts and skills that can make this world a happier place if we just trust the path unseen and walk together.

The Wander Trees has a vision of growing a supportive and loving community full of real, authentic connections, creativity and adventures.  

We exist to support the trailblazers of life- the artists, explorers and entrepreneurs who not only dream, but they also do.  We are talking about the people that continuously seek and discover new ways to live as their most authentic self and then proceed to prepare a path for others by inspiring and motivating!  

Our Brand Ambassadors are Trailblazers of life.

They create,
They inspire,
They connect,
They love,
They are brave, creative, encouraging and influential,

and of course, they are prone to wander.