Stacey McDermid


Current Dwelling: Asheville, NC

Stacey McDermid was born and raised in Midrand, South Africa. He moved to the states when he was 13 and became a proud United States citizen at the age of 27. Stacey attended Carson Newman University in Jefferson City, TN where he recieved a degree in Outdoor Education and a degree in Physical Education. He went on to pursue his passion for the outdoors through becoming a snowboard instructor and also a adventure guide at Gateway Canyons.

In 2014 Stacey spent 4 months hiking the Appalachian Trail and discovered his niche in the outdoor industry: gear. The trail created a deep love and understanding for technology and features of outdoor products. He explained it to us like this: "When you are in the backcountry, you have to be able to depend on your gear. You want things that will hold up through the wear and tear and features that make hiking 2,000+ more enjoyable such as lightweight tents and waterproof hip belts. I love finding new innovative products that enhance my outdoor experience."

After working at a local outfitters in Asheville, NC, Stacey's skills and passion landed him a job as a traveling rep for Gregory Mountain Products, Exofficio, Buff and Toad&Co. He currently travels from Virginia to Florida talking to people about his favorite thing, gear. 

When he isn't wearing his rep hat, he is crunching numbers for The Wander Trees while watching his favorite Soccer team, Manchester United. You will never find Stacey not working. Like a true, Wander Trees member, he is always blurring the lines between work and play. 


I’m a gear head.
— Stacey