Spencer Penfield

FOUNDING MEMBER | Social Media Manager

Current Dwelling: Asheville, NC


In a world where presentation is everything, photographer Spencer Penfield chooses to focus a different lens—the one we too often run from—everyday life. He is a Grand Rapids native but now an Asheville local and his strategy has not changed a bit—looking for the extraordinary where it really lives—amidst the mundane. His love for photography grew out of a love for the ways sharing perspective connects people. Spencer believes everyone has hidden moments in their day to day lives that go unnoticed and it’s these moments that inspire him the most because of what they contain—the raw personality of a life. His unhurried, unforced approach allows him to tell the stories of what's really there, proving that what's really there is beautiful. Recognizing these secret places brings Spencer joy, and it's this joy he wants to share and inspire others to see as well.

Spencer was drawn to the community here at The Wander Trees because of the connectedness it fosters amongst people. It's a celebration of the world that provides support for his own journey, and a little fun along the way. When he's not capturing the world around him, Spencer enjoys running, playing soccer, and any activity that can be done in a coffee shop! 

I simply look for the beauty in the mundane; the little and most often overlooked moments; the way light naturally lays itself out. Capturing these constant candid moments is what makes photography such a joy for me.
— Spencer