Pick 3 Adventure Candles


Pick 3 Adventure Candles


Save some money by getting 3 of your favorite Opal and Wonder scents. Burn one in every room! Just pick 3 scents from the options below.

100% Soy Wax
Each candle is 8 oz. 
Poured into a reusable jar

Handcrafted by Amber McDermid.

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Beautiful People- Notes of forest fresh green leaves and lemon zests, and well rounded with notes of peach, apple, and pineapples. A very fresh fragrance that will entice and energize your day.  

Chai Tea- Top notes of spicy cinnamon bark and nutmeg; followed with a body of fresh green tea; finished off with the aroma of creamy soy milk.

Honeysuckle- A fresh ozonic honeysuckle blend with hints of jasmine, rose, and lilac.

Earth Child- Tones of fresh ozone highlight a floral blend of jasmine and lily at the heart of the blend. Clean woody elements of cedar and pine balance with a hint of spice to accent the floral accord. A clear musk undertone envelops the outdoors sensation with shimmering sweetness.

Peacemaker- The wonderful aroma of incense; patchouli, sandalwood, and earthy cedarwood work together to create this wonderful blend.

Sea Mist- Notes of ocean mist, sea moss, and dewy cyclamen petals; followed by middle notes of geranium flower, water mint, and coriander seed; sitting on base notes of white cedarwood and earthy vetiver.

Wild Nomad- Fresh lime, mint, and ozone; balanced with middle notes of French lavender, and well-rounded with a nice base note of white musk.

Gypsy Soul- Fresh sea air, agave nectar and rich floral notes of ylang ylang and wild hydrangea with lavender, vetivert and willow bark.

Drum Circle - A touch of classic, amber and soft jasmine petals add some sweetness to this mysterious woody wonder aroma.