Meg Chapman

FOUNDING MEMBER | Photographer

Current Dwelling: Knoxville, TN

I think living in a world with more conscious human beings would be , radical, magical, and better for everyone.
— Meg

Meg Chapman, native of East Tennessee, is the sole photographer behind The Wander Trees. From products to events to team photos, she will be there to capture it all.  

Meg graduated from Carson Newman University with a degree in Photography and a minor in Human Services in 2010. She followed her passion of taking photos to Mexico, Alaska, Montana and all over the west. During her travels a love for organic farming and living sustainably grew into dreams of manifesting her own homestead. 

When Meg isn't taking photos or pursuing homesteading and chasing organic farm dreams, you can find her, being crafty, doing yoga, making a salad, planning future world traveling adventures or fly-fishing.