Lorrin Webb

FOUNDing Member | Apparel Artist

Current Dwelling: Asheville, NC


Inspired by her nerdish love of stones, gems and minerals, Lorrin started Wanderite in April 2013. The eco friendly and sweatshop free screen print design studio features all original hand drawn illustrations by Lorrin. By committing to sustainable and ethical business practices, she hopes to inspire others to be more mindful of their innate ability to be in accord rather than discord, creative rather than destructive, and to consume in a way that is beneficial to all. 

When she's not drawing crystals and plants or travelling with Wanderite, you can find Lorrin enjoying her favorite activities: hiking, reading, playing guitar, banging on drums, climbing, singing, gardening, meditating, crafting, cooking or just enjoying the goodness of life with friends. 

It is my pleasure to be a member of the creative community that is making a conscious effort to turn self-centered, inhumane practices around.
— Lorrin