24 Hours Remain!

Today is the last day to donate to our start-up fund! This time tomorrow, our online campaign with Go Fund Me will be closed. If you haven't had the chance to really sink your teeth into what we are doing, please take a moment to learn about this powerful community. 

Who We Are

We are a group of artists on a mission to live a purpose-driven life. We are reaching as far as we can, climbing as high as we can and working as hard as we can to live the life we were all designed for. We are embracing our creative passions and trying to make a living from sharing them with others. We are your friends, your family, your neighbors.  

What We Believe

We believe that together we are stronger. Together we can do anything. Together we can succeed. And many other things that you can read about here

Our Reason For Being

Our strongest desire as a community is for everyone to feel supported and connected so that individuals can grow and live abundantly. Our mission is to support all types of artists by creating a space for them to connect, grow and flourish. 

How It Works

The Wander Trees is a space for artists and other creatives to come together virtually and in person to share ideas, resources and skills. By building a community of unique talents, we are able to help each other get closer to living our passions. Together, we are able to brand, market and sell our goods and services through our website and also at fairs and festivals. 

How You Can Help

The best way to help The Wander Trees, is by donating to our campaign. This will help us cover all of our start-up costs, so we don't have to rely on credit card debt!  If you are unable to donate to our campaign, then you can help us by spreading the word with all of your friends and family! Eventually you can show your support by purchasing from our online store!