A Forest of Creatives

This past Saturday night, The Wander Trees gathered together to celebrate the beginning of something. Something big. A community of passionate people who desire to live purposeful lives and link arms while doing it. Stacey McDermid said it well when he painted it this way—each person is an artist, and each artist is a tree. Together, we make a forest and when each one reaches out his or her branches to grab another's, then that's a canopy, a habitat that can sustain birds and squirrels and bears and berries and wildflowers. That means diversity. The Wander Trees is not just for artists who are trying to make a living being an artist, although that's part of it. The Wander Trees is also for you—to make connections, to share stories, to dream dreams, and to be inspired to pursue your own rich life of adventure. There's a reason all humanity cherishes the experiences of wonder each one of us has lived out in our own flesh and bones. There's a reason every person desires to do great things, or at least to see something greater than themselves. There's a Creator who fashioned us this way, the human way, and we were never meant to live without a taste of wild adventure.

So, it's no small thing to share some heart with another, and it was no small thing last Saturday night when the The Wander Trees did just that, because what it really is, is a spark. A spark that is fanned by human breath, and warms you up again on the inside to see that maybe you do play a part in this Wander Trees thing after all, and maybe it is worth the time to get out that guitar again and let rusty fingers learn to play. This is our song and let it ring—The Wander Trees is about community, and we want you walking with us.