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Grand Opening Sticker Promo!

We're excited to announce our GRAND OPENING April 30!

To celebrate, we're giving away a free sticker pack with every purchase from Saturday April 30th - May 7th.

Grand Opening Event:

For those in the Asheville area, we invite you to join us as we celebrate creativity with The Wander Trees artists in our new space!

Explore our artisan shop, featuring a curated collection of nature-inspired goods, and venture upstairs to see our community gathering space.  

Experience the debut of our fine art gallery, featuring Joshua Niven's The Thru Project, a visual journey along The Appalachian Trail that captivates hearts and inspires imagination.

Celebration of Trees

Join us for a day of festivities as we celebrate the earth and spread environmental awareness!


10 am - Meet us at Dimond Brand Outdoors (1378 Hendersonville) for carpooling! 

11am -  Arrive at Graveyard Fields Trail Head for a hike! 

12 pm- 1pm- Lunch Break- BYOL (Bring Your Own Lunch)

2 pm - 3pm - Enjoy Nature + Friends! 



6 pm - 8 pm

Join us at The Wander Trees Headquarters for an evening with other Earth lovers! 

Guest Speakers 

Ramble & Root will be sharing about thier mission of helping others design a personal, healthy, and high yielding organic vegetable garden in our own back yards!  

"Conscious Connections" with Chad LIttfield, Cofounder of We! will be sharing more about how to enage in the most powerful oppertunites to connect with the people and environment around us.

Mountain True- Listen and learn about how this environmental and conservation organization is helping Western North Carolina cultivate thriving communities. 

"Clean and Green Internet" with Sam Kearney of Fox and Fir Design will be talking about her mission to change the world one pixel at a time. 

8:00pm Raffle (benifitting MountainTrue)


To learn more and to participate visit the event website:

This event is proudly hosted by The Wander Trees and Fox and Fir Design

Spring Cleansing Workshop! Early Bird

Spring is a time of blossoming, cultivation, and transformation. We’re naturally drawn to detoxify our environment, our bodies, and our spirits during these months to make room for newness and change.

Join The Wander Trees for a gathering on Saturday, April 2, to learn holistic tools for cleansing body, mind, spirit, and space this spring.

Led by Graham Wesley, yoga teacher and herbalist of Root Deep Medicine, we’ll discuss practices such as; digestive cleansing, intentional breathing, and daily rituals that will help you welcome the bright and fresh of the changing season into your everyday living.

Address: 842 Haywood Rd. Asheville, NC

Date: April 2 10:30AM-12:30PM

*$30 Early bird discount March 7-21, Regular price $35

Cabin Fever - Winter Retreat in the Woods

There's something so intimate and magical about living in harmony with your surroundings. Ever since I was little kid, I've always dreamed of a having a secret garden, and a tree-house only I could find through narrow dirt paths hidden in the woods. Now as a big kid, I am still in awe of off the grid homes, handmade tree-houses, and cozy cabins capturing the magic that is in our own backyards.  We've rounded up our favorite Airbnb, woodsy, cabin retreats! These handmade homes are the perfect retreat for the stargazers, bird watchers, nature lovers, and the big kid in all of us.

The Majestic Muir Woods

This weekend we explored the old and wise forests of the coastal redwoods. These giant Sequoia sempervirens are not only the tallest trees on earth but the majority are 500-800 years old! It was an out of body experience to immerse in them.

To stare up into the sky as far as you can see, and feel towered by life, shelter, and wisdom. It's both humbling and comforting as it puts everything in perspective. Feeling small, reminds us just how grand the world is around us and just how eye opening a walk with nature is.

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Share your love for wilderness, adventure and art with someone awesome! We're doing 20% off the marketplace so you can treat yourself and ones you love with art created for adventurers by adventurers.

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The Thru Project

We are thrilled to announce that The Thru Project book created by Joshua Niven is now available for purchase through our marketplace

Founding Member of The Wander Trees, Joshua Niven dreamed of creating a unique conceptual photography book since the day he set foot on the Appalachian Trail. Like many of us, the mountains were calling him and he couldn't ignore them. Despite the many challenges he knew he would encounter, the art was bigger and more important. His creative journey from start to finish stands as inspiration to fellow trailblazers of life. There will be obstacles to overcome, especially if you are attempting to do something different. Don't let it defeat you. Keep your dream alive, create space for possibility and hike towards it! 

Read about Joshua's journey below. 

Written by Joshua Niven.

On March 5th 2013, I embarked on a northbound journey with a few buddies to accomplish my dream of turning a 2,185 mile thru-hike into a photographic book titled: The Thru Project.

It seemed attainable. I had two missions: hike the entirety of the AT while simultaneously capturing the essence of the hike and my surroundings through the lens of my camera.

I thought it would just be hard work, wake up, walk, capture, repeat- I was mistaken. Internal struggles, identity crisis, people, relationships, money, and other unexpected elements would re-direct my hike, my mind and my images. The assumptions of such a journey are endless and our individual experiences so unique. Like many thru hikers, my journey across The Appalachian Trail was life altering and provided me with lessons that I could have never predicated.

Three years in the making- The Thru Project is finally complete! 

The Journey Beyond the Book 

Over the course of our hike, The Thru Project was met with an array of challenges. The physical and mental intensity of our hike proved to be everything I thought it would be and so much more.

Along the way, aspects of the trail that we were not aware of started revealing themselves. The adage that “the trail provides” turned into a very visceral reality. Synchronicity and un-explainable happenings brought forth the realization that the trail itself had taken over; it revealed itself as a living thriving organism. This organism directed our work, our experience, and our relationships with each other and the people we met along the way.

Unforeseen occurrences turned our unique journey into more of a challenge than ever imagined, and in the end these challenges would shape The Thru Project.


The Appalachian Trail is an amazing place that brings people to the woods, giving hikers an opportunity to become mentally and physically awake. Every thru hiker brings with them a unique desire to attempt to do something life changing.

The journey across this mountain range builds character, re-defines people, and reveals things that you never knew about yourself.  Walking becomes a forced form of meditation. With nothing but time to think, the brain will take you to the end of the world and back on a regular basis. Walking forces the brain to go within and reveal the best and worst of you. A thru hike is a unique opportunity to learn and grow from this newfound knowledge.

Within all the magic of the AT are the difficulties and challenges that go along with such an adventure. The difficulties and magic come together to create a one of a kind experience. It is an experience that words have a hard time defining. The trail changes every person who steps foot on it.

In the end, the experience of hiking the entire Appalachian Trail was an awakening adventure. Intense, beautiful and awe-inspiring, the people who encompass the AT are the glue that hold it together. Without the trail angels, hiking families, and people you meet along the way the trail would not be what it is. This is why the Appalachian Trail has been appropriately nicknamed “The People's Trail”.

- Joshua

Video by Jared Aaron Sims.

Check out some of our favorite prints from The Thru Project Book!