Evan Cornish - Keefe

Ceramic Artist

Current Dwelling: Asheville, NC


Evan is a ceramic artist currently living in Asheville, North Carolina. His artwork falls into three categories; ceramic sculpture, pottery and porcelain jewelry. These three bodies of work are each distinct, apart from an overarching interest in the aesthetic application of ceramic science, and experimentation with a wide variety of forming processes.

Artist Statement

have been driven by my recent creative impulses to explore processes that help me gain a deeper understanding of the materials I use, their origins and properties. I like to think about clay on a microscopic level, to consider the geological activities occurring in the earth, and the chemical reactions that can be emulated in a kiln.
The geometry and aesthetic order in the natural environment greatly intrigues me. After noticing how the outline of one particular leaf perfectly matched the silhouette of the tree it fell from, I was moved to create a series of leaf sculptures. Seeing the regular branching structures in the veins of a leaf gives me a sense of connection to my own veins. I began coating these leaf sculptures with crystalline glazes, with the intention of forming growth rings in the crystals with the appearance of agate and tree rings. This sparked a serious fascination with crystalline glazes.
Making porcelain jewelry began as an efficient way to test crystalline glazes, approaching each piece as a small tile. In this way I have produced a wide variety of unique pieces in an extensive array of colors, with glazes that devitrify into a variety of crystal species. I find the intricacy and organic nature of these glazes endlessly captivating. Although they only coat the surface, they allude to the action of magma and the transformation of the minerals which compose all ceramic objects.