Charmie Stryker

FOUNDING MEMBER | GRaphic Designer

Current Dwelling: San Fransisco, CA

Charmie Stryker, native of the Philippians, has called many places home. Like a true wanderer, she bravely follows her inner compass and inspires others along the way.  

Charmie graduated from East Tennessee State University in 2009 with a degree in Marketing and Advertising.  She went on to fulfill her dream of working for a creative magazine in Austin, TX. Although, her desire to live a life of creative independence didn't let her stay very long. In 2013, she and her fiance, Aaron, left comfort and security behind in exchange for a life on the road. Since then, they have traveled to Nepal, Laos, Thailand, India, Cambodia, Philippines, Palau and all across the Unites States. 

During her stay in India, Charmie received her yoga teaching certification at an ashram nestled in the sacred mountains of the Himalayas. She now travels around the United States teaching and inspiring others to follow follow their bliss. 

In addition to teaching yoga, Charmie works with artists of The Wander Trees and other clients, such as  Yogiapproved and Austin MD Magazine, through graphic design, marketing, social media and content management. She is also the owner and curator of New Crop

Charmie stays busy between teaching students how to downward dog, designing, blogging and hunting unique pieces for New Crop; yet, always finds time to take adventures!  

Follow what sends a tingle down your spine, what makes your heart race and where your daydreams wander.
— Charmie