We exist to support all types of artists so that they can connect, create and thrive. 


The Wander Trees seeks to achieve our mission by providing a digital platform, as well as a physical space that brings together artists and other creative professionals for idea-sharing, relationship-building, and collaboration. Our goal is to support artists, makers and creatives of all sorts by promoting and selling their goods so that they are free to focus on what they are truly passionate about- creating! By supporting these individuals we hope to inspire others to pursue their own creative endeavors- no matter how big or small. 

We plan to not only bring forth a community, but also a movement. A movement that amplifies the voices of those who are pursing more of what matters and less of what doesn't.  A movement that inspires people to join hands to create a better world, one adventure at a time.


Community + Interdependence

We recognize that you can only go so far alone. Support from others is what makes us stronger. We exist because of each other.


We embrace change and pursue growth. We continuously seek opportunities to better ourselves.

Creativity + Openness

We foster a community where strangers, new ideas and concepts are always welcome. We are curious, but never judgmental.

Adventure + Inspiration

We believe in the power of climbing mountains, roaming city streets and taking road trips to stay inspired. Changing sceneries is good for the soul.

Environmental + Social Impact

We take responsibility in co-creating our future by being aware of how we spend our money and how we treat the earth.  We are committed to giving back a percentage of our proceeds to local and global charities who are supporting environmental and social causes.


We give our personal best. We offer our most creative work. We deliver what we promise. We strive to always do the right thing.


We are committed to trusting the process and spreading kindness.