Aaron Warner

FOUNDING MEMBER | GRaphic Designer

Current Dwelling: San Fransisco, CA

Aaron Warner is a creative through and through. When he is not designing for The Wander Trees and his other clients, you will find him knee deep in another art project. Whether it be painting a huge mural in the middle of the dessert, experimenting with music and video or documenting explorations with his trusty film camera, Aaron is always involved in a creative process. 

Aaron grew up in a very Palauan-style home along with his Grandmother and cousins, in Bluff City, TN. He attended East Tennessee State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media. Fresh out of college, Aaron landed a job working as a Graphic Designer at an agency in Kingsport, TN. Though decided to move to Austin, TX a year later. He spent the his first year in Austin as a Marketing Designer in a high demanding environment with little creative freedom. His spirit was slowly being chipped away. Like a true Wander Trees member, Aaron believed in a healthier work/life balance. So one day he walked out with nothing else lined up. The security the job provided was not worth sacrificing his zeal to live. 

A few week later he accepted an offer as an Interactive Designer with a local agency called Creative Suitcase. Surrounded by an incredible boss and talented co-workers, Aaron was thriving creatively. However, as a wanderluster he was feeling the urge to branch off on his own and eventually decided to make the world his new office. 

Aaron has been working on the road since 2013 with his finance, Charmie. Together they have traveled all across the United States and overseas to Nepal, Laos, Thailand, India, Cambodia, Philippines, and Palau. As a fun collaboration project, they created New Crop, as a way to connect with the people and places of their travels. From vintage thrift store finds around Austin to globally-curated fair trade goods, New Crop holds stories of diverse cultures that every wanderlust spirit daydreams about. 

Live life in the present moment, and accept each new day as a window for exploration.
— Aaron